Pricing is affordable and flexible, based simply on monthly ad revenue.

If you choose to enable Automation, that adds costs of just 1% of your ad sales (from automation-enabled campaigns only). It’s like adding 1% to your ACoS in exchange for eliminating PPC headaches.
(Bid Wizard and Analytics)

  • Basic
  • Priced small for smaller
  • Up to $1k monthly ad spend
  • Standard
  • Perfect to expand your profits and your business.
  • $1k - 10k monthly ad spend
  • Advanced
  • Made for power users who are looking to scale.
  • $10k - 100k monthly ad spend
1% of your ad sales
Ex: If you earn $500 from Prestozon-managed ads, you’ll pay $5/month.
(Not sure yet? Start with a Forever Free Trial - the full product for one campaign, forever free.)

Ad spend greater than $100,000 per month? Contact Us!


  • Q: How much does it cost?
    Pricing is affordable and flexible, based simply on monthly ad revenue so it scales up as you do. The lowest tier is just $27/month. Automation adds a simple 1% of ad sales from campaigns with automation turned on, equivalent to a 1% higher ACoS. Finally, the Forever Free Trial gives you Prestozon Premium for one campaign during the trial, including automation - try us for as long as you need!
  • Q: Do you support Vendors / AMS accounts?
    Yes! Prestozon is proud to partner with Amazon to be the first to offer comprehensive analytics plus bid suggestions and automation for Amazon Vendors for Sponsored Product ads. Simply sign up with your AMS account. We support all AMS credentials, including Vendor Central,, and Vendor Express. Note that we cannot support Headline Search ads (HSA) or Product Display ads at this time because Amazon does not yet include these in their API support. See question below.
  • Q: Do you support Headline Search Ads (HSA) or Product Display Ads?
    No, at this time Prestozon only supports Sponsored Product ads for both Amazon Sellers and Amazon Vendors. This is because Amazon does not provide data for HSA or PDA via their API. Whenever they do make that data available, Prestozon will support those types of ads.
  • Q: What countries/marketplaces are supported?
    Prestozon works in all North American and European marketplaces as well as in India. The only two marketplaces we don't currently support are Japan and China as Amazon does not make that data available via the API.
  • Q: What data access do you get?
    Our software only needs access to the Advertising API on Amazon. We can’t see your product listings, customer data, or anything else -- just your ad campaigns. This makes setup much easier than with other tools - just a simple checkbox.
  • Q: Where do you get this data?
    With your permission, we get all data via the new Amazon Advertising API (automated communication with Amazon), which is far more detailed than the reports in Seller Central.
  • Q: Is my data secure?
    Yes. As long-time software professionals, we take security very seriously. We can only see your advertising data with your permission. Our security practices are as good as the most-secure financial websites. We don't have access to your Amazon credentials so no one can steal your password from us. For a more detailed description of our security policies, please view our Privacy Policy.
  • Q: How is my tier determined?
    Your tier is based on how much you spent on Amazon Sponsored Product ads over the prior 30 days. At the beginning of each billing cycle, we look at how much you spent and bill you at that tier for the coming month.
    It works this way for the annual plan too -- we base the yearly billing on the past 30 days of ad spend.
  • Q: What if I spend more than my tier's monthly spend limit, such as during holidays?
    If you spend more than usual in a month, we'll simply bill you for the difference to the corresponding tier just for that month. The following month you'll be back to your normal tier. If you are on a yearly plan we bill you the difference to the monthly plan for that period. No interruptions, and you don't have to speak with a salesperson.
  • Q: What if I manage multiple accounts?
    You'll need to sign up for Prestozon for each account, and you'll be billed separately per account. For example, if you are a PPC consultant with many client accounts, you'll be billed separately for each. Spend is not aggregated across accounts. Note that one account can contain multiple marketplaces/profiles, for example one marketplace for the US and one for the UK. (If you have many accounts for the same brand, contact us.)
  • Q: What's your refund policy?
    We will move mountains to make sure you are happy with Prestozon. But if for any reason you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, let us know why and we'll refund your whole subscription.
  • Q: What if I sell in multiple countries (marketplaces).
    One account can contain multiple marketplaces/profiles, for example one marketplace for the US and one for the UK. In this case you'd only pay for one account. If you have separate accounts per marketplace, you'll need to pay per account (if you have many, contact us). However, you can see all of them from one login in Prestozon as long as that user/email address has PPC permissions in each account. For example, if your company sells into the US, Canada, and German markets, all three profiles will appear in your account's dropdown menu. You'll be able to view them separately.
  • Q: Do I have to sign a contract?
    Nope. No contracts, no cancellation fees, and no fees for setup.