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Automation + Analytics for Amazon HSA & Sponsored Products Ads

Bid Optimization

Choose to review each custom keyword suggestion or automatically apply all.

Custom Keyword Rules

No more digging in Search Term Reports! Automate your keyword creation with Rules.

Goodbye Gruntwork

We remove the tedious tasks so you can focus on your strategy.

Keyword Suggestions

Automated analysis of every search term generates custom suggestions for negatives and new keywords.

Works for all North-American and European marketplaces as well as India.


Automate your Ads, Get Time Back

Tap our cutting-edge data science for great PPC results in minutes instead of hours. Bid suggestions and automation help you effortlessly shift your money from bad keywords to profitable ones. Plus, it works on your existing campaigns — no need to start over and damage your ACoS.

Prestozon Bid Wizard adjusts bids to maximize exposure and minimize wasted ad
 spend. Watch your ACoS move toward your target and then get back to what really matters – your core business.

Campaign Manager

Turns out, you *can* have it all

Custom Rules for New Keywords

You’ll never need to spend hours combing through Amazon Search Term reports ever again.

With Rules, you can search across any campaigns or ad groups to find promising new search terms and seamlessly create them in Amazon in campaigns of your choice.

You can also have those search terms made into negative keywords in any ad group to prevent bidding on the same search terms in multiple places.

Find negative keywords quickly.

Bid Suggestions: The Less-Automated Automation

Use Prestozon’s Suggested Bids to quickly achieve the best possible ACoS for every keyword. You tell us your target ACoS for each campaign, and our proprietary algorithms will make bid suggestions to optimize toward that ACOS.

Our unique experiments approach is like A/B testing for bids. We identify the keywords where you spend the most money so you can have a big impact, fast. Increase bids on good keywords. Reduce bids on bad ones. Make more money.

Suggestions in Bid Wizard

Negative Keyword Suggestions

Prevent wasted ad spend by finding good negative keywords and creating them right in Prestozon!

There are two ways to do this. You can setup Rules for custom Negative Suggestions, or use the Search Term Explorer to find your own good negative candidates.

Simply click to have Prestozon create them in Amazon. See all changes in Change History.

Find negative keywords quickly.

Don’t Lose Valuable Bid History

Amazon discards your old bids as soon as you change them. Prestozon saves them so you can hone in on the best bid for each keyword.

Explore bid history with beautiful and clear charts. Visualize how different bids affected your ACoS, impressions, clicks, sales, conversion rate, and more.

Find and Move New Keywords

Support for Headline Search Ads (HSA)

Prestozon is the first to support HSA ads for both Sellers and Vendors/AMS in addition to our Sponsored Products offering.

For HSA ads, we support Campaign, Ad Group, and Keyword Analytics so you can dive into your ad data in greater detail than you’ve ever seen in AMS or Seller Central. Support for keyword and bid updates as well as automation are coming soon, when Amazon updates their API capabilities.

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Easy Sign Up, Forever Free Trial

Setup is incredibly simple with our Amazon partnership. Login, pay, and transfer your advertising data through Amazon’s secure interface.

Want to test-drive first? Our Forever Free Trial gives you Prestozon Premium for one of your campaigns.

easy sign up via Amazon

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“Gaining control over vast amounts of Amazon PPC data is made easy with Prestozon. The entire team is very attentive to the needs of the Amazon seller. Their unique expertise and understanding of the science behind the data makes Prestozon one-of-a-kind for PPC management.”
Michael D. Graham, Founder, Channing & Yates

“The Negative Keyword Suggestion tool is AMAZING! It’s already obvious that this will save me ~10 hours per week.”
Brent Vincent – Founder, Adacio

“I love how I can set a campaign to have a target ACOS. Prestozon will take my desired ACOS % and adjust upwards or downwards which eliminates the need to do it myself or pay for a VA to do it.”
Brian Freifelder, 10+ years selling on Amazon