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Prestozon is the premier software choice for authors and publishers worldwide due to its powerful automation and flexible analytics
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Increase Performance

Use Prestozon's tools to optimize your account and get the most bang for your buck!

Automated Rules

Use automation to leverage the power of Amazon's Auto Campaigns to find you keywords that work and create campaigns you know are winners.

Affordable Pricing

A special subscription tier specifically for authors and publishers.

1-Click Product Setup

Our 1-Click Campaign Structure takes the headache out of creating campaigns and allow to spin up search term isolated campaigns quickly and easily.

Data-Driven Strategy

We believe in the letting the data tell you what the best choice is for your account. We lay out our analytics simply so that you can see where you can have the most impact in your account.

Powerful Analytics

Powerful and flexible - Anything you need to know, you can uncover with Prestozon Analytics.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"After years of improvising with Amazon Ads I'd ended up with a forest of campaigns, with no real idea of what was working and what wasn't - or why. Prestozon has enabled me to see the wood for the trees: an in-depth understanding of my data, the way ads succeed (or don't), and a light-touch way to run a suite of self-optimising ads across different territories"

Mat Waugh, Children's Author

"I was frustrated by the amount of time I had to spend in my AMS dashboard. But Prestozon changed all that. Now, I can get my ads up and running and know that behind the scenes the Prestozon machine is making sure I’m making the most out of my ad budget. And because of that, I’ve seen an increase in both sales and page reads. If you’re running AMS ads, Prestozon is an indispensable tool."

J. Thorn, Author and Podcaster at

"I cannot thank the team at Prestozon enough for creating such an easy to use, intuitive platform that reduced my workload from several hours a day, to an hour a week. Before I began using Prestozon, I was manually combing through nearly 70,000 keywords from multiple countries weekly. I had pretty much resolved myself to thinking that this type of manual reporting was a necessary evil to grow my business. But now with Prestozon's automation feature, tasks that took me hours before, are accomplished in minutes. The user interface is clean, the work flow intuitive and feature set is robust. Because of Prestozon, I now have the time to focus on what I enjoy most, writing and publishing."

Grace Miranda, owner of Twisted Key Publishing

"Happy to report a great experience with Prestozon. The team is responsive and genuinely helpful at demystifying the complex and bewildering world of AMS. The process is working and gives me hope that ultimately I hope to be able to 'set and forget' the ads."

Charles Veley, co-author with Anna Elliott of The Sherlock and Lucy Mystery Series

"I preach the benefits of Amazon ads to help promote books. But, many self-published authors can find them confusing and difficult to master. The software and training that the committed team at Prestozon has put together makes it much easier and faster to run profitable ad campaigns."

Denis Caron

"Prestozon has brought clarity and control to our Amazon ads campaigns and crucially, found new, fertile areas to mine, particularly with the search terms campaigns that are set up alongside your main keywords. Ordinarily this would be painstaking, laborious work, but Prestozon automates the process, seeking out the terms that work for us. We've seen a drop in spend and a decrease in ACOS across all campaigns. While we still face the age old Amazon ads issue of being able to scale up, the money we are spending is bringing in more sales. As a bottom line we can't ask for more. In fact it's hard to envisage going back to manually setting up and monitoring campaigns."

James Blatch, founder, Fuse Books

Prestozon applies cutting edge machine learning to reduce the amount of time authors need to spend on their Amazon ads. Many writers are jealous of tasks that eat into their writing time, even when they know that those things are essential to their business. Using Prestozon to monitor and adjust my bids and harvest my best performing keywords has been incredibly helpful. I highly recommend it.

Mark Dawson, Self Publishing Formula