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Prestozon is the top software choice for PPC agencies and brand managers worldwide due to its powerful custom rules and flexible analytics.

An Amazon Advertising Partner

If you’re looking for help with your Amazon advertising and want to explore managed services for Amazon PPC or Amazon DSP we’re here to help connect you to our Prestozon Agency Partner Network of experts. Share a little more about your needs here to be matched to partners with the right expertise.

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Proven Results

We see near-100% retention rate with Amazon PPC agencies because we focus on performance. Each agency is a partner in our development.

Custom Rules Engine

Search for good or costly search terms across campaigns to create new keywords. This saves hours of work per client so you can focus on strategy.

Agency Pricing

Generous bulk discounts for agencies through consolidated billing. Contact us in the form below!

1-Click Product Setup

Our campaign structure setup tool lets you specify SKUs & budgets to instantly setup campaigns and rules to facilitate search term isolation.

Data-Driven Strategy

From Day 1, our team has been data-driven to the core. The entire product is developed with a truly data-first approach, resulting in pioneering strategies.

Powerful Analytics

Powerful and flexible - Anything you need to know, you can uncover with Prestozon Analytics.

Our Proven Track Record

The Numbers Speak For Themselves


Increased Account Revenue

Incredible Growth

Prestozon has played a massive part in FBU Solutions’ recent growth. Their advanced software allows us to focus our valuable time on new strategies and growth - whilst it takes care of the nitty-gritty with its fantastic automation. The 1-Click Campaign Setup allows us to easily restructure existing campaigns and we recently grew a new client account’s revenue by 700% within only 2 months thanks to Prestozon. Their customer support and guidance is second to none.


Reduction in ACoS

More Effective PPC

Prestozon has been our trusted Amazon Advertising technology partner for years. Their experience with Amazon's API and Ad Tools has helped us scale our business and work with more clients, and it's been great to have a partner that we can rely on. We've seen massive reductions in ACoS while maintaining sales, attributed in part to Prestozon's sophisticated bidding algorithm.


More Cost Effective

Reduced Overhead

Prestozon is pound for pound the most cost effective Amazon Advertising technology on the market. Their rates and flexibility allow Treasure to leverage the features our clients need without the overhead of a larger ad tech platform.


Faster Campaign Setup

Unparalleled Speed

By utilizing Prestozon for bulk campaign creation, reporting and management, our team can spend their valuable time working on cutting-edge ad strategy, easily test their hypotheses and scale winners up for all of our clients. We're managing thousands of different campaigns with ease thanks to Prestozon's rock solid architecture and great team behind it.


Clients Over $1MM+ Ad Revenue

Lightyears Ahead of the Competition

Prestozon has become a key element in our advertising management for all of our accounts. With the help of Prestozon's expert staff, easy-to-use software and interface, we serve and help our clients scale their brands to over $1MM+ USD in revenue annually.


Ad Management Capacity With Same Resources

Increased Capacity

Our partnership with Prestozon has been invaluable. The software has given proven superior to the many other tools our team has used - greater control over keywords, technology that is truly customizable, user-friendly bid automation, and greater insights and analytics have allowed us to improve growth and returns for our clients and given recapture valuable time. And the customer support and commitment to client success is as good as it gets. We love having Prestozon as part of the team!


Cuts Management Time in Half

Less Time Spent with Automation

Prestozon has cut optimization and management time for Amazon clients in half and has been a key part of the huge sales growth our clients have seen. So many things are possible that aren't with Amazon alone, like bid automation, keyword identification, and longer reporting look-backs


Jump in Sales in 6 Months

SNOCKS Sees Huge Jump in Sales

German apparel brand SNOCKS enjoyed a 750% increase in sales revenue in 6 months after starting with Prestozon. Some growth drivers were large time savings, campaign restructuring, and focus on search term isolation.


Sales with steady ACOS

Timely Sales Increase

Dash saw sales increase by 20x in 3 months while keeping ACOS the same by using the Prestozon platform and strategy. Needless to say, they're thrilled.


Efficiency in reporting to clients

Flexibility and Ease of Use

Prestozon has allowed us to use partial automation which suits our style of consulting. For us we like to use the power of automation but have our hands on the controls. The team has been helpful throughout and the tool is easy to use.


Increase in Sales

Sales Bump

Prestozon allowed us to Triple our Amazon Ads clients & increase client ad accounts sales by up to 175%!

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