The Prestozon Team

We are PPC experts with a deep background in building world-class software. Prestozon is made for Amazon sellers and consultants who need their Amazon ads managed without hassle so that they can get on with it.

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Ben - Co Founder and CEO of Prestozon

Ben Aldern
Co-Founder and CEO

Origin Story: Ben and his co-founders were moonlighting as Amazon Sellers when they started leveraging their skills from their day jobs as software and data experts in the FinTech space to fill gaps in the Amazon PPC landscape. Eventually, they realized they preferred writing software to managing supply chains and that Prestozon would be useful to a wide range of Sellers and Vendors. Ben’s love affair with data analytics stemmed from another passion: car racing. Working for a racing simulation company, he found that the data from races could be used to help improve each racer’s skill in a way similar to how telemetry data from race cars is used. Seeing a need and the drive to fill it has defined Ben’s career and is the reason Prestozon is constantly on the cutting edge of Amazon PPC technology.

Favorite game character: Crash Bandicoot or Spyro

Prestozon job title (in 2030): Grand Poobah of Product Inventions and Advertising Achievements

Special moves: Making cars go vroom

Dana Kittrelle

Dana Kittrelle

Origin Story: Dana’s humanist touch can be felt throughout the Prestozon user experience. The directions of both the product and the company at large are driven by her clarity and insistence that the human element never be forgotten. In software and Qigong, she exudes balance, poise and stability. If you can't find her, look to the nearest forest.

Favorite game character: The rook in chess

Prestozon job title (in 2030): Co-Chief Aura Officer, CoCAO

Special moves: Transcendental healing

Chris - Co-Founder and CTO

Chris Hang-Hicks
Co-Founder and CTO

Origin Story: Chris has been developing architectural solutions for complex data problems for decades. He has worked in 3 continents and speaks 5 languages (7 if you count coding languages...which he does). From his time as the Senior Software Architect for a Silicon Valley Financial Technology firm, he has an acute awareness for data accuracy and security. At Prestozon, Chris’s value as a developer is equalled or even surpassed by his value as a mentor. While his development prowess is impressive, he stands out as a team and customer oriented technical voice.

Favorite game character: The Nokia snake

Prestozon job title (in 2030): Distributed System Mage

Special moves: Baby-Wrangling

Sanaz - Chief Revenue Officer at Prestozon

Sanaz Limouee
Chief Revenue Officer

Origin Story: Sanaz is the driving force behind Prestozon’s meteoric growth and unparalleled partnership programs. Her philosophy is clear: by supporting our partners, learning their needs, and executing solutions for them, not only do our partners succeed but we succeed with them. Sanaz’s experience ranges from real-time marketing data solutions to co-founding an ad agency and helping companies drive revenue and success through customer acquisition. Because of this diverse background and unique experience, she is an incredible resource for our partners in both the PPC space and for their business as a whole.

Favorite game character: Chun-Li from Street Fighter

Prestozon job title (in 2030): Abstract Concepts Coordinator

Special moves: Pet psychic

Dierk - Head of Ad Strategy and Partner Support at Prestozon

Dierk Demers
Head of Ad Strategy and Partner Support

Origin Story: Dierk is endlessly fascinated by Amazon PPC ad strategy–seriously, it’s weird how much he likes it. Performing complex strategy audits and coming up with new uses for the Prestozon technology gets him out of bed in the morning. Dierk’s varied experience in everything from hospitality to electronics manufacturing has made him the perfect fit to head up our Support and Ad Strategy team. He has years of experience developing e-commerce solutions across those varied industries and he brings that experience to bear for our customers with enthusiasm and vigor!

Favorite game character: Link

Prestozon job title (in 2030): Head of Drone-Conveyed Hologram Ad Strategy

Special moves: Spontaneous joy generation

Stephen - Application Support Engineer at Prestozon

Stephen DePatie
Application Support Engineer

Origin Story: Stephen is a constant explorer and learner. His resume reads like an “About Us” page for an entire company. Depending on who you ask, he is a marketer, analyst, application engineer, and developer. At Prestozon, he strives to expand his technical knowledge and maintains our application services with aplomb. His application support is always guided by his high levels of empathy, always striving to understand systems through the lens of the user.

Favorite game character: Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life Series- "Actions Speak Louder than Words" (he may be mute)

Prestozon job title (in 2030): Superstar Guru Telepathic App Developer Extraordinaire

Special moves: Morphing hairstyles and facial hair

Daniel - Software Engineer at Prestozon

Daniel Howard
Software Engineer

Origin Story: A self-taught Software Engineer and budding writer of fiction, Daniel is the newest addition to Prestozon’s growing technical team. Having cut his teeth as an in-house developer for a consulting firm, Daniel’s unique blend of technical acumen and creative vision adds to Prestozon’s signature usability. As new functions and features roll out, Prestozon’s growth is in lockstep with Daniel’s growth as a developer; and we’re optimistic about both!

Favorite game character: Zylo from Shining Force I

Prestozon job title (in 2030): Director of Job-Accompanying Musical Instruments

Special moves: Aggressive optimism

Ariel - Client Success Associate at Prestozon

Ariel Fox
Client Success Associate

Origin Story: World Traveler, Publisher, Client Success Specialist; the amount of hats Ariel wears is rivaled only by the amount of accents she cycles through as her various regional dialects all intertwine into one. Ariel is a process guru and Project Manager extraordinaire who is intent on always keeping the trains running on time. You’ll often find her giving excellent support to our clients on the support queue; if her previously cogent e-mail ends with gibberish, that’s just her cat walking across the keyboard.

Favorite game character: Kasumi from Dead or Alive

Prestozon job title (in 2030): Director of Material Debate, The Irish Mermaid

Special moves: Herding cats

Kevin - Client Success Associate at Prestozon

Kevin Shewey
Client Success Associate

Origin Story: If the world is a stage, Kevin is a whole acting troupe. Kevin’s skillset ranges from web development, to client success, to Shakespearean history. Don’t let Kevin’s background and degree in acting fool you, he’s a techie at heart and Prestozon is incredibly lucky to have such a player with such a diverse range of interests. As one of Prestozon’s renowned Client Success Associates, he provides technical solutions and strategy tips to the world!

Favorite game character: Joel from The Last of Us

Prestozon job title (in 2030): Chief Executive Grip

Special moves: Voguing

Prestozon's Story

Prestozon Co-Founders Ben, Chris and Dana were Amazon Sellers when they decided to spin off their internal bid optimization software into its own product. Just like you, they’re no strangers to the Amazon Seller hustle: they know all about sourcing products at Hong Kong trade shows, hand-modeling in promotional videos, and fighting for the buy box. Meanwhile, they were using their software expertise to develop internal automation tools to fill gaps in the available Amazon infrastructure. The reason Prestozon works so well is because it wasn’t built by some software engineers in an ivory tower and it isn’t some imperfect port of existing advertising software from Facebook or Google ads. It was developed from the ground up for actual Amazon Sellers by actual Amazon Sellers.

Our analytics are best in class because we designed them to display Amazon PPC data the way we as sellers wanted to visualize the data. Our bid optimization algorithm works because it was developed through years of vigorous real world testing - through our managed services in the early days and now through our partnerships with leading agencies. Our keyword promotion rules were developed to allow for search term migration between ad groups so you don’t have to scour the search term reports anymore. All of these functions were designed to give back what we know is the Amazon Seller’s most valuable resource, time.

Prestozon is a platform built out of years of Amazon experience by people who have lived on the front line of the Amazon PPC arms race. We built a high level programming language for Amazon ads because, when we were sellers, that is what we needed.