Prestozon Keyword Rules now Supports Product Targets!

Prestozon, has just released product targeting compatibility for our keyword rules.  This means that you can now promote ASINs or ISBNs from auto campaigns or product targeting manual campaigns (using either ASIN or category targets) into manual product targeting ad groups as manual product targets.  This functionality includes the ability to negate ASINs in product targeting and auto campaigns!  The theory and strategy behind ASIN targets is very similar to traditional search terms and keyword targets.  So if you are familiar with our rules engine, you should already have a good grasp of how these rules are going to work.

However, because this functionality is brand new and because it does work slightly differently than the traditional keyword rules, you’re going to have to do some account updating even if you’ve already set up Product Targeting campaigns and rules to go with them.  Below we’ve outlined some different account scenarios and how best to get up and running with Product Targeting rules!

Starting from scratch – I’ve never used Product Targeting

If you’ve never used product targeting campaigns before then you’re going to have to create a Product Targeting campaign in the Amazon portal.  Product Targeting campaigns currently cannot be created via Prestozon directly, although we will add 1-Click Setup support for Product Targeting campaigns in the future.  For the purposes of this post, I’m going to assume you already have at least one auto campaign running.  Create a new campaign and during the creation process you’re going to select manual targeting and you’re going to select Product Targeting:

You can then select targets (you may need to select at least one, even though you’ll be using the rules to source the rest) and set any relevant settings like budget and default bid.

Once this is setup, you can hop over to Prestozon (make sure to sync with Amazon if you don’t see the new campaign immediately).

I already have Product Targeting Campaigns, but don’t have rules setup.

Once you’ve done the step above (either just now or if you already have existing Product Targeting entities), you can link this Product Targeting campaign to your relevant auto campaign or campaigns (if you have existing manual Product Targeting ad groups, you can use these as sources as well!).  You can do this by creating a new rule or editing an existing rule (check out our video on how to create or edit rules if you aren’t comfortable with the process):

This image shows the suggested default isolated Product Targeting structure, note that the auto campaign is negating ASIN targets and we’re creating positive ASIN targets in the new Product Targeting campaign.  Also note that there is no research campaign in this structure.  You can   create a research campaign using category targets in the Amazon portal and the Prestozon rules can promote from category targets to an ASIN target campaign, but this is a more advanced strategy.

What if I already have product targeting ad groups and I’ve already added them to rules?

If you already have Product Targeting ad groups and you’ve already added them to existing Prestozon rules, you still need to go into those rules and update them so that targets are being created properly.  The old rule structure does not map one to one from traditional keyword promotion to ASIN target promotion, so when you go into those rules you’ll still see the ad groups added to the rule, but the rule won’t be creating any targets until you select the proper action:

Note that you can have both Product Targeting and traditional Keyword Target promotion and negation in the same rule.  Prestozon will automatically determine the relevant target type and only perform the actions relevant to that target type.

Product Targeting is an incredibly effective advertising strategy for many accounts and we’re excited to be able to now support Product Targeting in all three phases of the Prestozon experience.  Product Targeting was already supported by Analytics and Bid Optimization, with the expansion of rules into the Product Targeting space, Prestozon is now able to provide unprecedented automation and account management support for our users!

Other features added with this functionality:

Not only will this launch include new target promotion rules for Product Targeting, it also expands our rules to Sponsored Brands for both standard keyword targeting and Product Targeting.  Additionally, our Negative Keyword rules now also work for Product Targeting for both SP and SB!