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We have an abundance of clear and focused resources to help you get answers faster, from videos to blog posts. Here’s a handy guide.

Knowledge Base

The first place to look for an answer is our Knowledge Base. Find focused and direct answers to all the common questions. It is the fastest way to get your answers, especially if you use the search feature. Take a look around and bookmark the page!

Knowledge Base:


The place to go is our blog. We put a lot of important how-to content and strategic advice on our industry-leading blog. You’ll also emails from us when we write a new post, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Here is where you should start:

Key Blog Posts

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Overview/Getting Started



Analytics walkthrough video –

Blog Post – PPC Analysis: Picking the Right Date Range

Wizards: Bids and Negatives

Bid Wizard walkthrough video –

Blog Post – Introducing the Negative Keyword Wizard

Campaign Manager, 1-Click Setup, and Rules

Campaign Manager walkthrough video –

Blog post – Feature: 1-Click Setup for Campaigns and Rules

Blog post – Prestozon’s Rules Engine and Why It Changes the Game



Blog Post – PPC Benchmarking: Is my high January ACOS normal?

Knowledge Base Articles for FAQs