Suggestions in Bid Wizard

Bid Suggestions Are Here!

We hear it all the time – “Amazon ads are exhausting. There are so many moving parts, it is confusing, and I just don’t really want to deal with it.”

We hear ya. That’s why we built Prestozon: to automate the drudgery. And as a big part of that goal, today we’re excited to announce the release of Bid Suggestions! Make exactly the right bid update for every keyword with one click.
Suggestions in Bid Wizard

Our proprietary algorithms now give you data-driven suggestions for every keyword to help you quickly zero in on your campaign’s ACoS targets. Just click to apply the Suggestion and Prestozon will make the relevant changes in your Seller Central account via the Advertising API.

For now, the implicit ACoS target is 30%, which is the most common target. Very soon, we’ll offer the ability to set ACoS target per campaign.

You can still edit the bid yourself, of course.

If you want to see the data behind why we made a suggestion, or want to drill down in order to make your own bid decision, you can toggle quickly between viewing the full data or Prestozon’s Suggestions.

If you’re curious about how past bids have performed, you can click on any keyword to view its full performance history and all past bid changes since you started with Prestozon.

The drill-down details also show you which search terms triggered that keyword, which you can use for optimizing your product listing. Be sure that the top search terms are included in the bullet points and backend keywords. It’s also a fantastic way to find negative keywords!

If you’d like a walkthrough of the Bid Wizard, check out our new video guide!